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MTN Business

MTN Business is the enterprise business unit within MTN Group. The unit has presence in 22 markets across Africa and the Middle East. MTN Business solutions are geared toward addressing the ICT needs of clients in the public and corporate sectors as well as growing businesses.

We are proud to partner with MTN Business to distribute its 3 primary portfolios, namely; Connect, Communicate, Collaborate which include Unified Communications solutions and ICT solutions in Cloud, Security and Managed Networks.

MTN Business Connect

MTN Dedicated Internet

Embrace always-on internet access via leased line or Diginet. Pay less for more bandwidth. Improve security

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Security. (DDoS protection)
  • Increased reliability
  • Increased flexibility
  • Guaranteed throughput

Roll out a fully managed service for premises equipment and local networks with 24/7 monitoring and support.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Business Automation
  • Extensive MTN Fiber Access
  • A cost-effective secure network
  • Security of MPLS-VPN

It’s a way for enterprise customers who have offices in different locations locally and internationally to use a world-class network to link them together.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Low operational costs (uses fewer links and low bandwidth)
  • Easy to configure and troubleshoot
  • Easy to scale
  • Zero touch deployment
MTN Satellite – Cband, KU Band and KA Band

This solution offers an alternative access medium for connecting to the Internet or corporate networks, ideal for offices in remote or inaccessible areas where terrestrial services are inadequate or unavailable.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Any-to-any connectivity
  • Extensive MTN Fiber Access
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Security of MPLS-VPN
MTN Ms Express Route & AWS direct connect

The solution lets you extend your on-premises networks into the Microsoft & Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud over a dedicated private connection facilitated by MTN.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Versatile
  • Large foot print
  • High uptime and reliability
  • Scalability

Thoughtfully designed and built upon expansive MTN IP backbone to give the best connectivity while protecting your network from Denial of Service threats, offering guaranteed throughput and Peering at the local IXP.

Free installation for Fiber-Ready buildings with one month of free fast internet.

MTN Business Collaborate


And ultimate peace is when you are sure, it is all secure.
Keep it protected and in full access with MTN DATA CENTRE.

MTN Data Centre.

Affordable and reliable services can be easily achieved through our new Tier-III MTN Data Centre designed and built by an Uptime Institute certified designer.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Avoid the cost of building and maintaining an on-premise data center.
  • Achieve optimal performance and higher availability on your server infrastructure. (Dual power and cooling)
  • Secure and remote data center facility
  • Access to World Class infra-structure (high speed and Rigorous IP Network). At the heart of major local and international network backbone
MTN Virtual Servers (Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS)

Never struggle with delayed delivery of new servers or upgrades ever again. Let us switch your business to MTN Cloud. MTN provides virtualized computing resources (Servers) that easily scales with your requirements hosted in Kenya.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Cost effective. Pay for what you need now
  • Faster delivery
  • Ease of growth and upgrades
  • No hardware management or replacement overheads
MTN Managed backup

MTN Managed backup offers remote data backup and recovery. MTN Cloud Backup is a new transformational approach to business data backup through a data management and protection leveraging award winning Commvault system.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Affordable pay “as you go” & “as you scale” model
  • Encrypts data for secure electronic backups
  • Recovery point guarantee – Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Reduced storage and network capacity utilization.
MTN Managed security

MTN Managed security is best-in-breed, adaptive security that fits any environment or security requirements for growing businesses to large enterprises and data centers.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Full enterprise environment protection
  • Access to design, implementation and support by MTN Security certified engineers
  • Cost effective Pay-as-You-Go Security solution
  • Events and incidents monitoring, analyses and reporting
MTN Disaster Recovery (DR)

MTN DR is a solution that replicates or copies the entire production site Data, Systems and Applications so that if disaster strikes, your business systems can seamlessly continue to operate on MTN Cloud.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Business continuity
  • Affordable (Pay-as-You-Go & Scale)
  • Quick setup & recovery times
  • Intuitive dashboard to monitor health of replication
MTN Accounting Solution

This is an online Business Management and Accounting System specifically designed to simplify business management and accounting for people in growing businesses who may have little or no accounting skills.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • All in one system
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Secure
  • Understands Entrepreneurs
Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is your complete office in the cloud. The core of it is the familiar office applications your employees use every day now offered as a cloud service so it is always up-to-date.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Setup, migration and training services from MTN’s skilled engineers
  • Work from anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Get more done by your staff (Business emails, online meetings etc).
  • Evergreen software. No need to manage patching and upgrades
MTN Managed IT Services

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Ease of IT services scaling
  • Round the clock Support by MTN’s Certified IT engineers
  • Premium partner with select Strategic Partners and Vendors including Cisco, Cisco Meraki, SolarWinds, Microsoft, Fortinet, Huawei, Wave link, Cambium Networks and Infobip among others

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MTN Business Communicate

MTN Voice & Hosted PABX

MTN Voice is a combination of business line (020 prefix), with business E1 and Hosted PABX. MTN Managed hosted PBX solution leverages on a unique combination of best-in-class technologies to deliver innovative telephony to business over IP.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Quality business calls at affordable rates
  • Get your business call from any location any device (extension mobility)
  • Reduce your telephony budget
  • No CAPEX on PABX
MTN Bulk Messaging

MTN Messaging/Bulk SMS is a simple, secure way to send messages to multiple recipients simultaneously with a portal that you can access from your browser.

What does it offer your enterprise?

  • Automate SMS notification and campaigns
  • Rich and instant customer engagement
  • Low cost
  • Intuitive dash board
  • Number masking with your company name