About Us

who we are

We are a company which specialises in the design and deployment of business management solutions that run streamlined business processes.

Our leadership have solid industry experience gained over several years, managing projects and business operations in blue chip corporates in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi.

Our business consultancy team have industry certifications and wide-ranging experience in project management and process re-engineering.

Our technical team has in-depth technical knowledge across the ICT Ecosystem – Devices, Platforms and Applications.

We have offered ERP Solutions and Consulting Services to customers across industry verticals by delivering quality service, at the right price.

We provide industry agnostic, business solutions by aligning the customers’ business processes to the requisite Odoo ERP Apps.

We are an Official Partner of Odoo SA Brussels whose product Odoo ERP broadens and deepens our process management offering.

why we exist

The essence of our existence is to offer our customers, solutions that positively transform their business to yield tangible and quantifiable results

Business Growth – Our solutions are optimized to enhance the acquisition and onboarding of customers and to provide superior data mining of customer transactions to reveal trends that inform the setup of cross selling and up selling campaigns.

Cost Efficiency – As a prelude to implementing any application we use Lean Six Sigma techniques to the design new processes and re-engineer existing processes. This eliminates waste and variations and increases the capacity of the customer to do more work with the same human, systems and financial resources

Risk Mitigation – We implement business application systems than run automated and integrated processes, to improve the ability of customers to prevent, detect and communicate violation of controls.

Enhance Customer Experience – We design and implement business application systems that enrich the experience of customers through the use of Self-Service Web and Mobile Portals, two-way SMS and e-mail communication and Payment Gateways for Mobile Money and Bank Transactions.

how we work

Our guiding mantra is “Process First”. We listen keenly to the voice of our customers, map their internal processes and the journey of our customer’s customer, using Six Sigma tools and techniques before we formulate any solution.

The values below underpin all interacts with our customers

We put our best foot forward every time, by actively pursuing ideas and shifts in the industry that position our clients as trailblazers in their respective fields

The privacy of our client’s data is important to us. We implement and train our team on the current data protection laws and system to make certain that the information our clients share with us is safe.

Our systems are solid and dependable giving the clients the peace of mind that we will deliver as per their expectations.

Professionalism is a driving force behind our success. We are specific about always adhering to correct business ethics and standards.

Tireless research on industry knowledge is a key pillar that has equipped us and always kept us a step ahead.

We do not stop until we have given our best! Our outcomes are a product of the very best efforts from our team of experts.

Benefits Of Working With Us

1. Business Growth

Enjoy tremendous business growth when you implement our custom designed call center solutions that you can use for cross selling and upselling to your retail clients.

Our solutions enable you to leverage data www.karabakh-open.com/ planete-patinage by mining existing customer information to reveal patterns and trends that inform the setup of cross and up selling call center campaigns.

3. Risk Mitigation

Cloud Innovations implements new business application systems whose core processes are automated, and which are integrated to existing business application systems therefore saving you from the risks that come with manual processes.

2. Cost Containment

As a prelude to implementing a business application system we undertake to design new business processes and re-engineer existing business processes using Lean Six Sigma techniques.

This eliminates waste and variations allowing you to do more with the same human, systems and
financial resources.

4. Enhance Customer Experience

We design and implement business application systems that enrich the experience of our clients and their customer’s.

Better customer experience results to a positive outlook of your bottom-line.

Our Customers